6 Different Depression Types

There are several types that varies in symptoms and diagnosis, yet they all have a profound affect on the patients’ life. It needs a mental health care professional in order to distinguish between them, since some of them share the same symptoms and signs.

Severe depression

this disorder is, as the name suggests, the most serious. It affects all life aspects. A person that suffers this disorder loses his ability to live a normal life. Working, studying, sleeping and also appetite are all impaired. It is also prevents people from enjoying their hobbies and activities they used to enjoy. They lose their self-worth and they feel guilty and hopeless. Patients can also suffer from suicide thoughts and plans and they are more exposed to often recurrences than the other types’ patients.


This type considered to be a less severe, yet chronic version of severe depression. People with dysthymia live their lives with a constant sense of sadness and melancholy, low energy and lack of enjoyment.

Bipolar Disorder

Also known as manic-depressive disorder, this disorder is one of the easiest to diagnose of all the other types, since it has a set of unique set of symptoms. The main symptom is having dramatic changes in mood. Bipolar disorder patient can suffer a low level of energy and sadness and in fact can show any of the major depression disorder symptoms, including desire to hurt themselves (the depressive polar), and than, after a short period time that can be days, weeks or months, show an excitable behavior (the manic polar) that can manifest in excessive money spending on shopping and gambling.


This disorder is another type of bipolar disorder, yet it considered to be less severe and more chronic. In this disorder the person suffers milder manifestations of both manic and depressive symptoms. The changes from one polar to the opposite one can be performed in just a short time.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

This type typically manifests during a course of a season. All symptoms are eliminated once the specific season ends. This is also one of the depression types that are easy to diagnose and it is more common in winter.

Postpartum Depression

This rare type can, of course, only manifest in women, after giving birth to a new baby. Those mothers suffer symptoms of a depressive disorder that can manifest anytime after delivery, sometimes even months after. The symptoms of this disorder are the same as other types symptoms, But Without proper diagnosis and treatment, it can also be dangerous for both the mother and the baby, since symptoms also include lack of ability to take proper care of the baby or lack of motherly feelings towards the baby and even resentment and hate. Without help, some of the patients can harm themselves as well as the baby.

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