6 Types of Depression

Understanding the different types is crucial in order to know what solutions you would need in order to aid you in eliminating it.

  1. Major / Clinical

This type of depression is commonly known by people because it is one that shows clear symptoms, unlike mild or even moderate depression which sometimes go unnoticed. It is the classical or what is referred to as clinical depression. A person who has this type of depression gets depressing thoughts and is unable to control it. He stays with being sad for a long period of time and hates himself rather than putting the blame on to others for the way he is. He avoids people and keeps to himself.

  1. Moderate

Moderate depression lies somewhere between mild depression and major depression. The symptoms of moderate depression are usually noticeable and if it is left untreated, it could escalate into a major one.

  1. Mild

Mild depression is the least severe form that a sufferer may experience. The symptoms are mild and thus do not cause a major impact on the sufferer. Sufferers of mild depression may experience distress and disruption but often neglect their condition with the assumption that the symptoms are not severe enough to warrant treatment.

  1. Childhood

As the name suggests, this refers to depression that surfaced during childhood. Childhood depression can be defined as an illness when the feelings of depression persist and interfere with a child or adolescent’s ability to function.

  1. Bipolar

Bipolar depression is also known as manic-depression and refers to a case whereby the sufferer has large mood swings that ranges from very energetic to extreme lows. Both moods may last for several weeks at a time.

  1. Psychotic

Psychotic depression is one of the most severe kinds of depression. A person suffering from this may experience hallucinations, start to hear voices in his head and thus becomes delusional about what is happening. A psychotic breakdown may occur if a person suffering from psychotic depression does not get the necessary help.

Fortunately, depression is an illness that can be cured. There are countless of remedies in the market place ranging from expensive consultations to self help books that teaches you how to eliminate depression naturally. In conclusion, what you have just learnt in this article is the 6 different types of depression and identified the type of depression you are suffering from. Having a better understanding, you can now make a more educated decision in which type of remedy would assist you.

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