Antidepressants and High Blood Pressure: A Dangerous Combination

Some of your medications may be affecting others. This is important to understand, as the effects of taking multiple medicines may be very harmful or even deadly.

Depression is a very common condition, especially in teens and older adults. It affects millions of lives every day, and medications that help with depression are among the most highly prescribed medications in America. Unfortunately, so are high blood pressure medications. While it is understandable that both conditions must be treated, at times depression medication may interfere with high blood pressure medicine.

Depression is a condition that, though mental, has serious causes as well as effects outside the mind. Depression is sometimes caused by an imbalance of serotonin and dopamine, and chemical drugs are often prescribed that attempt to correct this imbalance. Unfortunately, serotonin and dopamine affect more than just your mind, and are chemicals needed to complete a variety of functions within the body. One of these functions is that of preventing heart disease by preventing atherosclerosis. If the depression medication does not adequately correct the imbalance, and perhaps puts the serotonin levels lower than they should be, the result will be increased risk of heart disease, including atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Dopamine, in addition, is used in cases of a severe drop in blood pressure, and works to raise blood pressure to prevent shock. If a patient has high blood pressure, however, and is on antidepressants which include dopamine, the antidepressant just well may be raising blood pressure, working against blood pressure medication.

That is not to say that antidepressant medications should be avoided at all costs if you do have high blood pressure. Rather, you would do well to research and find acceptable ways of controlling both the depression and high blood pressure through other means. All of those chemicals can not be good for you, anyway.

But how would you treat both depression and high blood pressure homeopathically? First of all, a change in lifestyle as well as in diet is necessary. Higher fat meats and other foods should be avoided, and replaced with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is a must, and avoid prepackaged foods, opting instead for fresh foods is best.

That will begin the treatment process, but, though good nutrition will help depression, depression may still exist. It is best to also consider counseling, as talking to someone may reduce stress in your life. Talking to a counselor seems awful-as if you “need help.” But truly, getting a few things of your chest every once in a while probably also seems like a great idea. Talking out problems with either a trusted friend or a counselor can be a significant stress relief, and in turn, will lower blood pressure as well.

Because the brain is an organ, it requires proper nutrition to function correctly. If you are not eating right, your brain may be deficient in vitamins and minerals, which will cause it to send improper signals to the body, including those signals which control emotions. Sometimes, but not always, a change in eating habits may relieve many symptoms and feelings of depression even without the use of antidepressant drugs.

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is a great choice for every aspect of your body’s health, but it still may not be enough. You will need to speak with a doctor to determine if medication is necessary, and if it is, which would be the best medication for you.

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