Depression Help – Tips on Assisting the Depressed

Depression is not something to be taken lightly. It is a serious disorder and needs serious professional and personal care. If not treated or attended on time, depression can turn in to a serious mental and emotional disorder, thereby affecting the physical status of the individual.

There are several types of assistance option one can look forward to when it comes to getting relief from depression. You can think of self help, help from near and dear ones, professional assistance, various therapies counseling and even medications.

Unfortunately, with so many options available for treating the depressed, a large number of people are still left untreated. This is because these people do not want to seek professional help or feel embarrassed to express their condition to the near and dear ones.

However, one must remember that not getting proper and timely treatment is not going to take you anywhere. The problem is surely going to get worse with time. Most people even find it really difficult to cop up with their daily activities or even a little amount of stress when under depression.

Here are some of the great options you can easily opt for, in order to treat yourself for depression:

a) Self help

o Never ever set goals that are too difficult.

o Try to break up large tasks in to smaller ones and then set certain priorities. Try to give your best.

o Never expect too much from yourself and that too in a small amount of time. This will increases the chances of failure and make you feel more depressed.

o Don’t keep yourself scheduled from the rest of the world. Try to be with others.

o You need to force yourself to take part in to certain activities that make you feel better.

o Do some mild exercises. This will help you to get a lot of relief.

o Never ever take major decisions of life without consulting others.

o Do not accept negative thinking.

b) Helping the depressed

o Offer emotional help. You need to understand the person, exercises patience, show affection and exhibit encouragement.

o Never disparage feelings expressed. Point out the realities instead and provide hope.

o Keep a check on the medication prescribed to the person.

o Do not accuse the depressed.

o Give him sometime to get out of the situation.

o Take the person out for walks, regular outing, movies and other activities. Try to be insistent, but gently if your invitation is refused.

o Encourage participation in activities that the person enjoys.

c) Professional help

o This is really important for those who are depressed. You may take the person for a compute psychological diagnostic evaluation.

o You can even consult the National Directory of the Psychologists on the World Wide Web and locate a psychologist near your area.

o Reducing the risk of depression is not difficult if you have the willpower. All you require to do is to trust someone, believe in professional help and follow the tips mentioned in this article.

Exterminate depression from your life and lead a happy and healthy life. Life is beautiful. Enjoy it.

Depression Support – Tips For Recovery

Dealing with depression can feel very lonely, which is why depression support is so important. Depression can be draining on your hope, your energy, and more. While it can be difficult to try to overcome it, it is definitely possible if you have some help along the way. Getting started on your road to recovery is one of the most important tips to keep in mind. Here are some great tips that can help you along as you work to recover from depression.

Build Relationships that are Supportive

First of all, it is important to realize that you need some depression support, so work on building up relationships that are supportive. Having good support can do a lot to help you keep going, even though it can be difficult for you to reach out to others. Isolating yourself will only make your problem worse. Wondering how to build relationships? There are a variety of things you can do to cultivate good relationships. Spend time with family and friends, get out there and get involved in social activities, and you may even want to consider joining up with a depression support group to help out.

Spend Time Doing Things You Enjoy

Another great tip for recovery that can be helpful to you as you are looking for depression support is to spend time doing things you enjoy. Even if you don’t feel like you enjoy much anymore, think about the things you used to enjoy and try doing some of those things. Some great ideas include reading, listening to your favorite music, writing, playing with pets, getting out into nature, watching something funny, or just relaxing with a warm bath.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Following a healthy lifestyle is part of depression support as well. There are a variety of healthy habits you can incorporate into your life to help keep yourself healthy and feeling better. Getting about eight hours of sleep can help you combat depression, as can getting out in the sun each day for at least a little bit. Relaxation can also be very helpful to you and can keep you healthy as well.

Use All Natural Long Term Treatments

While these tips can definitely help with depression support, you may be looking for something that will really cure your problem long term. Instead of turning to medications, you should look into the natural treatments that are available. There are actually natural options that will work long term, actually curing the problem that you are dealing with. So if you want to finally beat depression for good, look at the natural, drug free options that are available.

Depression Help – Get Help With Depression

Depression is a serious infliction that affects almost 15 million Americans every year. It’s a proven illness. Although it is defined as a mental illness this is no reflection on the personal attributes of the inflicted. Depression can affect anyone. It’s path has no pattern. It will affect the rich as well as the poor. Race or religion aren’t important. Strength or weakness isn’t a factor with this disease. The age-old stereotype that has been associated with a mental illness must be ignored. The suffering associated with this disease will only get worse without treatment. Ignoring the signs will not make it disappear. If a person doesn’t seek medical attention, the disease becomes worse until it dominates their entire life.

Depression can result from a number of sources. It’s not a matter of a day or two of confusion or sadness, this disease is much more. Months or even years are the time frame in which depression plays. Depression at its worse can lead one to the act of suicide. Remorse is often a feeling associated with the early stages. It’s possible that the disease will steal away the enjoyment you used to have for favorite hobbies. You can experience loneliness and despair. You may feel like a failure at life and cannot see where the future is going to get any better. Your entire personality can change as time passes. You will feel the affects at work, at school and at home. It will upset your sleep habits and cause your anxiety to grow.

Depression has many causes. Stress can be a major factor. Stress itself has many causes such as losing a friend or being told you have a serious medical condition. It can be passed on genetically. It can be caused by abuse rather it be physical, emotional or sexual. Looking at the monthly bills might cause it. There is so much stress in the world today to compete and satisfy those in our society. This condition can be serious. There is assistance for people who look to be treated. Studies have shown that only a third of that 15 million Americans that are affected by depression will ask for assistance. It’s important that you look for assistance, or if a loved one is affected find help for them.

Prozac and other medications, along with psychotherapy, are a common combination treatment. However, this can get to be very expensive and the anti-depressants offer as many side affects as the depression itself. There are natural medications available that contain the ingredient ‘hyperforin’ that are just as effective as the prescribed anti-depressants. There is also assistance for this terrible illness in the form of support groups. Anyone who wants help with depression can find it.

Depression Help – Beating the Retirement Blues

Ah the joys of retirement! You can get up when you want. You don’t have to fight the traffic. You can do all those projects that you have waited so long to complete. Upon retiring you believed that you would be so happy. But, depression has set in. You feel totally useless. You may be worried about your retirement income. You are fighting all the time with your spouse. This is not what you envisioned at all! What do you do now?

Congratulations! You have already taken the first step by searching for some answers. The most important thing is that you understand what is happening to you. You realize that you have to get relief from all the stress. Depression support groups may be of value to you. You will learn the ways of stress management and, most importantly, realize that you are not alone. You will begin to understand that most people define themselves by what they do. You probably believe that you are not useful unless you are earning money. You are more than likely a person who thrives on hard work. This slower, less pressured life is just not for you. Now, what do you do to correct this intolerable situation?

Easy answer — get to work! There are so many things that you have the time to do. A great idea is to start your own business. Which one? The answer lies within you. What do you like to do the most? If you cannot decide, ask your mate for ideas. After all, they have known you all your life.

If you are a person who likes to fix things, start a repair business. Reach out to your neighbors who may need help with general repairs about the house. Keep your rates within line. Remember, they are probably retired also. You could barter. Exchange your services for something that they could do for you. Do you remember your grandparents? They always helped their neighbor and their neighbor always responded in kind. If you have the resources, you could purchase and old broken down house and refurbish it. Many houses are available these days for very little. After you fix it up, you can resell it and make a tidy profit! Before long you will so busy that you’ll be wishing for a slower pace. One thing is for sure, you will not be depressed any longer!

Not a handy person? Perhaps building an internet business would be more your style. There are so many out there. In order to choose the right one for you, you must do some investigating. Cruise the internet. Read up on scams. Educate yourself. Then pick the one that seems right for you. The most important tip that I can give you is to align yourself with the experts in the field. You will need a team to train you and guide you through the process. It is exciting to say the least! You will become so busy learning and experiencing new things that before you know it, your depression will disappear!

Mentoring may be a great choice for you. There are so many people that need your help and expertise that you have acquired. You can volunteer your services through many agencies. Most schools have after hours and weekend programs that need volunteers. Many children are in need of an adult that has the time to be with them, and teach them the values that they need in life to succeed. Senior programs need drivers to deliver meals to shut ins, or transport them to the senior citizen center. Hospitals and nursing homes always need volunteers. There are a great number of jobs available including helping in the store, bringing the goodie cart around, or spending time with those that do not have many visitors. Remember, those that give also receive.

As a reward for your new undertakings, you will regain your life. You will be useful to many people. You will have new found worth. Your home life will greatly improve as you can discuss the day when you get home. You will not just be sitting there any longer, wondering what to say next. You will be able to talk to your mate, not just argue with them over the least little thing. And the best thing that will happen is that you will have won. Yes, you will have beat those blues!

Depression Help – What If They Don’t Want to Get Well?

If you have ever dealt with anyone having depression, you probably have already learned that sometimes there is nothing you can do to help them through their sickness. As much as you want to help the ones you love, that might not always be possible. When someone is depressed and they don’t seem to want to get well, you are very limited in what you can do. So what if you are in this position right now? What do you do if you know someone depressed, who doesn’t want to get well?

Back off.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply give that person some space. If he is not thinking clearly, then it is possible that offering your advice or suggestions will only serve to drive them into a deeper depression. Keep your distance, but let them know at the same time that you are there for them if they need you.

Keep a watchful eye.

When they don’t want help, the best thing for you to do could be just having a watchful eye over them. Watch for clues that tell you their condition might be worsening. Suicidal thoughts and reclusiveness are just two of many signs you should watch for.

Know when to call for help.

If the depression is so severe that they are no longer doing normal daily activities, or are hurting themselves physically, you may be forced to get help for them. However, be sure that this is your last resort and know when to call for help and when to stay out of this decision-making process.

Depression Help – Journaling For Depression

If you suffer from depression, there are lots of things you can do to help yourself. Sometimes you may need the aid of medication. However, if your symptoms are minor and not bordering on severe, you have the option to try things to help you overcome the depression symptoms. One such thing you can do is journaling for depression help.

What is a depression journal?

Journaling is a great way to release pent-up thoughts and feelings. So for people who suffer from depression, keeping a depression journal can become a therapeutic way to help you work through the thoughts that lead to depression.

A depression journal doesn’t only have to be a journal in which you write. Your depression journal might be an art journal, where you draw or paint pictures to depict your thoughts and feelings. Or you might create a collage journal. Or maybe your depression journal is filled with both words and pictures. There is no right or wrong way to keep a journal for depression.

How can journaling for depression help me?

Your journal becomes a safe space for you to release negative energy. As you work through problems or bad thoughts, the page becomes your safe haven to release all sorts of feelings. It’s a place where you can go and dump these things out, where you won’t feel bad about doing so, or be judged for what you say or feel.

Keeping a journal through your depression will not replace therapy you might already be participating in. Rather, think of it as an alternative aid that you can pick up and add to at any time, rather than having to wait for a certain day or time. It’s your own personal confidant.

Top Ten Non-Drug Treatments For Depression

Many of my patients do not want to take medication and I support their efforts to find a holistic solution. Here are my top recommendations:

1) Exercise: Believe it or not, exercise has been found to be the most effective treatment for depression. Of course, that’s the last thing you feel like doing when you’re feeling down. The minimum recommendation is 3 times per week for 20 minutes. More is better.

2) Weekly Psychotherapy: Long standing issues, family and cultural programming, habits of mind – these are just some of the issues that might be at cause. Depression is a sign that something in your life is not right. Get some help to deal with it.

3) Check your pleasures: Coffee, alcohol, sugar, and recreational drugs can lead to mood disorders. Even moderate use can be too much for depressed persons. Observe how your moods go up and down with use.

4) Supplements: All people suffering from depression should be taking Fish Oil for Omega-3 Fatty Acids daily. There is also compelling research on the use of Amino Acids, Sam-E, St. John’s Wort, DHEA, and B vitamins. Read up and experiment.

5) Sunlight: It helps to get direct sun exposure every day if possible. If not available, a light box can bring a lot of relief. You can easily get your dose of light by sitting in front of one for 15 minutes a day. Light boxes are great.

6) Regular human contact: Many people are depressed because they are too isolated. We are social animals. Go to and find some people who enjoy the same things you do.

7) Challenge your thinking: Depressed people have depressed thoughts. A book that can be really helpful with this is Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns

8) Good nutrition: The way we eat may have a lot to do with fostering depression. Check out The Mood Cure by Julia Ross, Potatoes Not Prozac by Kathleen DesMaisons, and Seven Weeks to Sobriety by Joan Matthews Larson.

9) Yoga and Meditation: These are recommended for mild to moderate depression only. Severely depressed people need to become more active and outer focused.

10) Are you living your right life? Sometimes depression is an indication that things need changing. Sometimes drastically. Do an inventory of your life.

If these treatments have been tried and there is no change in a month, it is recommended get a full evaluation by a healthcare provider. It is important to rule out a medical condition such as low thyroid which would cause depressive symptoms.

Many people consider taking antidepressants a sign of weakness. It is not, any more than it is weak for a diabetic to take insulin. Depression is one of the most debilitating illnesses, with many people dying from it each year. It does not make you a better person to endure needless suffering.

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