Quantum Brain Healing Uses Scalp Acupuncture and Herbs to Treat Auditory Hallucinations

Patients with schizophrenia, bipolar, post traumatic stress disorder, and depression may experience auditory hallucinations. The University of Manchester England researched a connection between childhood abuse and auditory hallucinations in bipolar patients and found there to be a significant connection. Seventy percent of people with auditory hallucinations experience these after physical or sexual abuse, an accident, or the death of loved one. The voices in auditory hallucinations seldom respond to medication. PTSD and depression patients should read the suggested treatments for those diseases.

Trauma and sleep deprivation of extended and serious nature may trigger auditory or visual hallucinations. Quantum Brain Healing uses meditation, yoga, melatonin, 5-HTP, valerian, hops, lemon balm, and St. John’s wort to help induce sleep safely. After sleep cycle is regulated, the auditory hallucination should quickly fade. There are many other ways to treat these auditory hallucinations and orthomolecular amino acid therapy is a very good option.

These hallucinations can also be associated with high doses of cocaine, amphetamine, or other stimulant. People with bipolar, depression, and schizophrenia often abuse recreational drugs and the genesis of their auditory hallucinations may be drug related. High caffeine intake is somewhat correlated with auditory hallucinations. Discontinuation of caffeine may reduce intensity or frequency of auditory hallucinations.

Underlying diseases must be treated and all substance abuse must stop in order for hallucinations can be treated successfully.

Brain locations involved in auditory hallucination are Wernicke’s area, a part of the left temporal lobe which involved in perceiving, spoken speech, and a similar area of the right temporal lobe. In addition to the temporal lobe differences, there are also altered neural pathways. These different neural pathways may be minor changes for adults with late onset of hallucinations versus those people with early onset of schizophrenia or bipolar diseases. Minor changes may have some success with pursuit of changing brain plasticity through cognitive enhancement techniques. The use of scalp acupuncture may enable brain plasticity to increase with enough nutritional support under a long-term treatment plan. It takes a long term treatment of acupuncture for hallucinations to resolve themselves.

Researchers haven’t found the specific neural mechanisms at work. Brain scans indicate areas of the brain processing sound and storing memories activate at a higher level during auditory hallucinations. This may indicate that the excitatory neurotransmitters are out of balance and the inhibitory neurotransmitters need to be stimulated or supported in some biochemical fashion. Amino acid therapy could be utilized for this purpose. Yoga and meditation are additional ways to alter neurotransmitter levels in a slow manner. There are many diseases associated with auditory hallucinations: sleep deprivation, schizophrenia, bipolar, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, alcohol withdrawal, cocaine abuse, stimulant abuse, delirium, dementia, temporal lobe epilepsy, familial temporal lobe # 4 epilepsy, Gelineau’s syndrome, and familial type 1 hemiplegic migraine.

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