Causes Of Depression – The Reasons Behind Why Depression Occurs

Medical Research On Depression

There have been innumerable studies on depression, and various theories have been put forward as to why people fall into a depressed state of mind. The general opinion that has been shared by the medical faculties is that there are a variety of causes that cause depression and it cannot be attributed to any one factor. Research is still going on, and great headway has been made over the years.

Many doctors feel that depression could surface as a result of genes inherited. They feel that certain traits are bound to appear in forthcoming generations. Also, these genes could adversely interfere with the serotonin that the brain produces. Finally, the only conclusion that medical researches can arrive at is that a variety of factors can cause depression, and while eliminating these factors one by one, the person can be treated successfully.

Childhood Experiences

Doctors usually will go deeply into a person’s childhood and try and find out factors that could inhibit a person. For instance, if a person has had uncomfortable experiences in the physical or sexual sphere, this could have a direct impact on a person’s emotional well being. The future could seem bleak and a sense of worthlessness prevails. Also the person is inhibited socially and tends to isolate himself.

Depression could also be a biological factor. One has to bear in mind that there are chemicals in the brain that help us to guard against danger – our reflexes are able to help us to protect ourselves, but if there is a chemical imbalance, then we cannot react as quickly. Also, keeping feelings dormant only serves to bring out morbid thoughts and feelings and an inability to handle any form of anxiety or stress.

Medical Conditions And Drugs As A Cause Of Depression

There are certain ailments like hyperthyroidism that can seriously affect a person’s ability to handle situations regarding a job loss or the death of a loved one. Attacks of panic frequently occur, as the person is unable to handle any emotional blow. Handling pain effectively can be difficult under these circumstances.

Drugs like cocaine can have a devastating effect on the brain, and can damage the brain cells, cause attacks of paranoia and produce imbalance, so that the person is in a constant state of nervousness and fear.

The human race is complicated and in order to deal with depression effectively, it is very important to analyze the root of the problem, which may go far back to one’s childhood experiences or to certain shocks like the loss of a job or a loved one, traumatic changes in one’s life as a result of these devastating losses – all these need to be focused upon and dealt with accordingly, and with the help of medication and treatment available, you will be on the road to recovery.

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