Depression Causes

Most of the medical community has not identified the exact cause of depression because there are many factors that can be involved that can cause the disorder. Some of the contributors to this disorder can be; Genetic, biochemical, environmental, and psychosocial factors can play a role. The fact is, depression is not a personal weakness or a condition that can be willed or wished away, but it can be successfully treated.

The great news is that over 33 million people with this disorder can be successfully treated!

Another noted fact the medical community has stated and that is, twice as many women have the disorder than men. They also noted that depression strikes all ages, economic levels and races. Still another fact. Depression can turn into a panic attack. Symptoms of depression can be very similar to that of an anxiety attack or panic attack. Remember that the good news is that there is help available that can cure.

To bisect the causes:

o Biochemical-This imbalance in your body’s chemical structure can cause involuntary depression

o Environmental-Normally caused by drug or alcohol abuse.

o Psychosocia-Caused by events of one nature or another.

o Genetic-Passed down from parents or relatives.

You should seek Teen depression help as soon as possible if you notice changes in behavior. This brings to mind symptoms to look for:

o Hopelessness

o Trouble sleeping

o Low energy

o Feeling guilty for no reason

o Significant weight loss

o Irritability

o Difficulty concentrating

Most of us have gone through periods of depression but these are normally short lived. If the depression persists for a long period or has developed into a panic attack, then it is time to talk to a specialist like a doctor so he or she can evaluate your condition. You want these bothers behind you so you can go on to new heights. This can be done.

Call a health care professional if any of the following are noticed:

o Thought if suicide or suicide attempt

o Depression getting worse

o Feeling very agitated

o Have a panic attack

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