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Depression is a serious infliction that affects almost 15 million Americans every year. It’s a proven illness. Although it is defined as a mental illness this is no reflection on the personal attributes of the inflicted. Depression can affect anyone. It’s path has no pattern. It will affect the rich as well as the poor. Race or religion aren’t important. Strength or weakness isn’t a factor with this disease. The age-old stereotype that has been associated with a mental illness must be ignored. The suffering associated with this disease will only get worse without treatment. Ignoring the signs will not make it disappear. If a person doesn’t seek medical attention, the disease becomes worse until it dominates their entire life.

Depression can result from a number of sources. It’s not a matter of a day or two of confusion or sadness, this disease is much more. Months or even years are the time frame in which depression plays. Depression at its worse can lead one to the act of suicide. Remorse is often a feeling associated with the early stages. It’s possible that the disease will steal away the enjoyment you used to have for favorite hobbies. You can experience loneliness and despair. You may feel like a failure at life and cannot see where the future is going to get any better. Your entire personality can change as time passes. You will feel the affects at work, at school and at home. It will upset your sleep habits and cause your anxiety to grow.

Depression has many causes. Stress can be a major factor. Stress itself has many causes such as losing a friend or being told you have a serious medical condition. It can be passed on genetically. It can be caused by abuse rather it be physical, emotional or sexual. Looking at the monthly bills might cause it. There is so much stress in the world today to compete and satisfy those in our society. This condition can be serious. There is assistance for people who look to be treated. Studies have shown that only a third of that 15 million Americans that are affected by depression will ask for assistance. It’s important that you look for assistance, or if a loved one is affected find help for them.

Prozac and other medications, along with psychotherapy, are a common combination treatment. However, this can get to be very expensive and the anti-depressants offer as many side affects as the depression itself. There are natural medications available that contain the ingredient ‘hyperforin’ that are just as effective as the prescribed anti-depressants. There is also assistance for this terrible illness in the form of support groups. Anyone who wants help with depression can find it.

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