Depression Help – What If They Don’t Want to Get Well?

If you have ever dealt with anyone having depression, you probably have already learned that sometimes there is nothing you can do to help them through their sickness. As much as you want to help the ones you love, that might not always be possible. When someone is depressed and they don’t seem to want to get well, you are very limited in what you can do. So what if you are in this position right now? What do you do if you know someone depressed, who doesn’t want to get well?

Back off.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply give that person some space. If he is not thinking clearly, then it is possible that offering your advice or suggestions will only serve to drive them into a deeper depression. Keep your distance, but let them know at the same time that you are there for them if they need you.

Keep a watchful eye.

When they don’t want help, the best thing for you to do could be just having a watchful eye over them. Watch for clues that tell you their condition might be worsening. Suicidal thoughts and reclusiveness are just two of many signs you should watch for.

Know when to call for help.

If the depression is so severe that they are no longer doing normal daily activities, or are hurting themselves physically, you may be forced to get help for them. However, be sure that this is your last resort and know when to call for help and when to stay out of this decision-making process.

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