Natural Anti Depression Remedies

Why do people look for natural anti depression remedies? There are several reasons. One, the most common, is an individual does not have health insurance and cannot afford a doctor’s consultation or the drugs that may be prescribed for the treatment.

Another would be that some people are finely tuned with natural products and respond well to using them for home remedies. These natural remedies include:

  • herbs
  • homeopathy
  • acupuncture
  • massage
  • essential oils
  • floral essences
  • healing codes
  • body codes
  • emotional codes
  • NAET (allergy elimination)
  • hypnosis/self hypnosis

Floral Essences

Recently I have been introduced to the subtle intelligence of floral essences. A flower’s essence can be captured and imprinted into water. The resulting solution, the essence,will interact with the energy paths of your body. These paths, or meridians, are energetic informational highways coursing through the body.

A natural depression medication, or remedy, would be Rose Floral Essence. The rose has long been associated with the heart. With joy or grief. With elation or depression. With peace, or with anxiety.

I don’t believe we can know for sure which came first – the knowledge of the physicians of ancient times, that this floral solution from the rose soothed grieving hearts. Or did the despairing patients themselves intuitively ask for the rose, its fragrance, its beauty, to sooth their malaise?

However this choice became embedded in healing traditions over more than a thousand years, it is seen to be effective in uplifting a person from the debilitating ravages of depression. Without the side effects or expense of drugs.

Floral essences are energy, or vibrational solutions, similar to homeopathic remedies. They are not new, as historical records going back as far as ancient Egyptian refer to them.

If you suffer from depression, you may have pursued many avenues of relief. It certainly helps to change your lifestyle in all the beneficial ways you can. Using a natural remedy would be one among the following:

  • get more exercise
  • practice deep breathing
  • review your food choices, opting for the most nutritional
  • give yourself time for relaxing be it prayer, yoga or meditation
  • learn how to avoid negative energy like gossip and criticism
  • review your negative prejudices, a burden to you, not others

Use The Rose Energy In Different Ways

Cultivating roses, putting up a beautiful photo or print of roses, using rosewater for facial toner or aftershave – there are many ways to support your self-loving quest to feel better.

You deserve a happy life! Your happiness will spill over to everyone around you.


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