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Depression is an ailment that falls under the subject of psychology. This phrase is also used for reference to both general and clinical maladies. It is also used for specific references to pathological fields.

The symptoms of this particular ailment involve feelings of lowness and feelings of despair which are popularly prevalent and visible in the very early stages amongst the effected. These feelings are accompanied by feelings of hopelessness, sadness, discouragement and lowness. Many people who are affected with it are known to explain it as usual feelings of sadness.

Amongst the main causes of the onset of this particular disease are the genetic factors. Though no direct link has been ascertained amongst the genetic factors and this ailment, it is still commonly thought that its prevalence is mainly determined by the presence of hereditary factors and increment in certain hormones. Other than that the everyday instances, emotional outbursts, difficulties being faced in every day life all pay a defining role. It might also be associated by the loss of a loved one. Its duration depends entirely on the situation that led to it to the healing plan that will be meted out to the affected. But until and unless the patient personally pulls himself together chances of a successful recovery are bleak.

Much has been written about its bad effects on a person’s emotional and physical health and in spite of the negativity that is generally associated with it there is a kind of faint benefit for those who want to realize it. For example several of the people who might be exposed to it may experience feelings of inertia and despondence which might eventually lead to the impulse to take some rest. Other than that depending on the situation and the level of the spread of this disease it may also lead to care from other people, which are much appreciated by the patients.

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