Prevention And Treatment For Depression

* Make sure you have a diet that provides adequate amounts of clcium and protein.

* If you crave carbohydrates, go on a high-carbohydrate diet. supplemented with 500 to 1,000 milligrams of I-tryptophan, taken three times a day with juice.

* If you are lethargic and depressed, and do not crave carbohydrates take a gram of tyrosine three times a day with meals.

* If you are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MA 0 inhibitors), be sure to consume a tyramine-restricted diet.

* If you are on antidepressants, watch your weight carefully.

Lynn had always been a happy sort of teenager, but during the last six months she seemed to have changed completely. In fact, since her seven teeth birthday she had gradually drifted away from most of her friends. She had stopped caring about her looks, lost interest in everybody and everything, and withdrawn into herself. She had also lost her appetite and found it difficult to sleep. Her schoolwork, too, suddenly seemed unimportant to her performance in school fell off precipitously. Her mother noticed that Lynn had gained a good deal of weight, and that she would binge on cakes cookies, and chocolate at almost any time of day.

Lynn’s mother had confided her concern about her daughter to a friend, and the friend had told her that she had been given a tryptophan supplement when she felt depressed and that it had worked well. Lynn went to a psychiatrist specializing in nutritional therapies. He ruled out physical or metabolic causes for her depression, such as hypoglycemia , and he agreed that tryptophan might help. Lynn started taking one gram of crypto three times a day. After four weeks, she said she began to feel much better. Within a year, she was able to stop taking the tryptophan and is once again a sociable young woman, as well as a successful student looking forward to college.

Other Advice:

There are many people who feel that controlling depression through natural dietary supplements and adjustments is far preferable to the use of antidepressant drugs, like the MAO inhibitors or tricy­clic antidepressants. However, in cases of massive, continuing depression, or true emo­tional imbalances that severely disrupt a person’s life, a doctor’s care and appropriate medication are advised. The simple dietary supple­ments discussed here are intended for people who are usually well balanced, and who suffer only rarely or occasionally from depression and/or lethargy.

The emotionally ill, on the other hand, show dramat­ic changes in neurotransmitter levels that cannot be corrected solely by dietary supplements. Coffee will not cure depression. It is a brain stimulant and will temporarily improve your energy level and concentration. Although some unconventional therapists suggest that certain foods cause depression, this has yet to be proved. There is no harm in trying this approach, though it is unlikely that the majority of patients will benefit. In those cases where there is an apparent success, it also generally takes a long time to isolate the problem food, during which time the patient gets no relief.

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