Recovery From Depression – A Case Study

People who suffer from depression need access to good quality information and resources in order for them to make a recovery and get on with living. Good information and resources enables the depressed person to make informed choices, to access the right help, to embark on the journey of recovery. The right help comes in many different forms from the psychiatrist to the anti depressant to self help techniques. All of the above are essential when making a recovery from depression.

Some of the worst symptoms of depression are the hopelessness, the darkness and the loneliness. You want a better life but you are an expert at being depressed and don’t know how to get better, don’t know how to change the circumstances you find yourself in. For this reason, I find it so relevant to use a case study of one person who against all odds made a recovery and got on with the business of living. And this person is at this moment busy striving to live their best life imaginable. That is a far cry from the life of depression which consumed this person for many years. In sharing this person’s experience I desperately want to convey to you that there is a better life to be lived and a glimmer of hope can be the beginning of change. Hope can be the seed from which recovery grows and flowers and brings beautiful colour to your garden.

A childhood trauma is at the root of many peoples’ depression and this person was no different. He was completely convinced that his childhood trauma was the reason why he was so unhappy. Many years later the root of the depression is not all that important to him. He realizes now that his personality and temperament may have contributed to how he dealt with his problems. This man grew up in a loving home but always in the back of his mind he felt unhappy. He cried a lot on his own. As a teenager he continued to be unhappy. In the midst of his unhappiness the one thing that kept him going was he felt he was destined for greatness. He often visualized a better life, a great life even!

As the man entered his twenties his problems started to show on the outside. He had no sense of responsibility, couldn’t hold down a job, couldn’t follow through on most things. He developed two different addictions and was absolutely consumed by a sense of hopelessness and depression. The next ten years were full of destruction, heartbreak, darkness, hospital admissions and basically a depression of the worst description possible. And yet during these dark years this man often visualized a better life, a great one. Sometimes visualizing the great life and not achieving it made him feel even more hopeless.

Eventually two things probably happened. The first was the man was ready to get better. He realized that he truly wanted a better life not the mere existence he was living. Secondly, he realized he needed someone to help him make a recovery. He also knew it was going to be very difficult to change the habits of years. Up to this on the face of it he was receiving plenty of help and support in the form of a great doctor, hospital admissions, medication, counselling and family support. In many ways he had more support than most. All of the help up to that point hadn’t enabled him make a full recovery.

Once he set about truly wanting a better life, the life he often visualized over the years, remarkable things started to happen. There is an old saying “when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear”. This man believes this saying is at the root of his recovery. He would be the first to tell you his recovery often seemed impossible. However, he overcame his addictions and gave up smoking too. The pain of recovery at times was almost unbearable, however, looking back he doesn’t remember how difficult it was. He does know how great it feels to be living his best life imaginable.

He believes that there is a great life after depression because he is living it. He also believes all of his barbaric suffering at the hands of depression has shaped him into the man he is today. He tells me he is so proud of his achievement. He says he only ever wanted to be in a place where most people are without trying, for example, holding down a job. But anyone who is or who has suffered from depression knows that his achievement is something to be very proud of. Today this man is actively embarking on the journey of life. He knows recovery is not a destination to be reached. Recovery is living your life and being happy.

One thing bothered this man during his years of depression. He was overwhelmed by how people judged him as a result of his depression. He felt this somehow delayed his recovery. It took great courage on his part to overcome the stigma attached to his depression. It goes without saying that mental illness is very difficult to understand particularly if you have no personal experience of it. It can present itself in so many guises and affects each person differently (although there are many similarities in peoples’ experiences).

This man wonders, as I do, whether it would be easier for people who suffer with depression to make an attempt at a recovery if mental illness was viewed in society the same way as all other illnesses. He also wonders would more people come forward looking for help if there was no stigma (perceived or actual) attached to mental health problems. This is certainly food for thought. Wouldn’t it be truly magnificent if people were not afraid to reach out and ask for help for their problems. No more suffering in silence!

Remember, people can and do make recoveries from depression and go on to lead their best lives imaginable. Seek help.

Welcome to my world. I grew up and live in a small rural town on the east coast. I am passionate and dedicated to providing resources to help others help themselves. I am embarking on a journey to tell the world that one in five of us, including myself, will suffer from depression at some point in our lives. I want to change peoples’ attitudes towards depression and mental illness. My wish is that people who are suffering from depression will access the right help to enable them to recover and go on to lead the best life imaginable for them. I was fortunate to get the help I needed to live my best life imaginable. Come and join me on this great journey! We can truly make this world a better one to live in!

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