What is Depression, How to Change it and Can NLP Help?

Opportunities are all around us, every second of the day. I wonder why so many people don’t see them. Do you ever feel that life is dull and boring, that you never get the chances that those around you seem to get? There are the same chances or opportunities around us all, but of course we see them differently because each one of us has had a unique life which colors or alters the way we see things. I wouldn’t expect a teenage boy to think about planning a surprise picnic for friends in the same way that I would plan it. And the reason is obvious, let me see now.

Our perception is unique to each of us. How come some people get depressed and others don’t? My experience in Social Services and Mental Health services has shown me how our state of mind dictates our level of happiness. There is no doubt our bodies respond to our thoughts as clearly seen every day.

At age 54, having been female all my life, married, work, school, education, disappointments, achievements have just got to be so very different that to think that I can think like a teenage boy, for example, or that a teenage boy can think like me is silly. Our perception is totally different.

Life is what you make of it, you can see the worst or see the best. I know that life can be very hard at times but what I also know is that the only person that can change how you feel inside is you. No one else can get inside your emotions and alter them although that is what we say all the time. And what do we say? ” You made me so mad. You ruined my life. You did this to me. It’s your fault I failed. You made me do it.”

Now you have to stop this blaming other people because that means they are running your life. When you can say, honestly that OK I made that mistake because I did what you told me to, only then can you start to own your own life. Even better if you can say to yourself when things have gone wrong ” I did that, I wish I hadn’t, next time I will do it another way because everyday I learn from my mistakes and become a better, happier person because of it.”

Only when we are running our own life will we be able to see and use the chances that come our way. The price we have to pay is to accept that we make mistakes, we all do. That mistake may be big or small. Can you change it? Can you travel back in time and alter it? No. So what to do about it? Be certain to ask about NLP. Here you will find simple, practical and highly effective methods of changing your perception.

Changing the way you view your circumstances is such an incredible experience. Having seen it happen and with first hand experience myself, let me urge you to try it out. Don’t hesitate too long, begin living a greatly improved life style very soon.

I wish you all the luck and courage in the world.

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